TRG offers services in all repair aspects:

Smash Work

Panel Beating

Fibreglass Repairs

Rust Repairs and Welding

Spray Painting

Re- Paints 

Re Branding

Surface Coating

Industrial Painting

TRG works with all kinds of:




Industrial Equip


Motor Homes



Anything over 3.5t

With several thousand square meters of workshop area and additional secure parking areas for customers and visitors, customers immediately feel confident of the level of professional attention that is provided for their vehicles. 

From  the  moment  that  a  customer  hands  their  vehicle  to  our staff, each process is monitored, tracked, and checked through out with fully computerized quoting and tracking programs.

Our  quality  control  Manager  is  tasked with ensuring every aspect of every repair is carried out to strict  performance  and  factory  standards  and  our quality assurance applies to every repair from our workshops.


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Gold Coast
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